5 Reasons To Backup Your Website

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your website safe is to enable a backup strategy. Here are the main reasons why backing up your website is a good idea.

1: Prevent Data Loss

Although server issues are rare, they can happen - without a recent backup of your website how long would it take to recreate it? This is especially important in ecommerce where potentianlly thousands of products will need to be set up again!

2: Guard Againts Human Error

We have all deleted things by mistake! On a wbsite this can be catastrophic, especilly if the user has access to the admin settings of a site! The ability to quickly retore from a backup xan save a lot of time an potential lost revenue.

3: Site Update Issues

We all know that keeping the site files andplugins up to date is a vital security measure - however, updating these, especially on complex sites, can easily intrduce errors and incompatabilies between functions. If you suddenly find your payment processor is not working, for example, resoringin from the last backup can quickly get you back on track - generating a full backup before major updates is always a good idea!

4: Moving Or Duplicating Your Site

This has great benifits if you decide to move your site to a new host - simply create a backup and restore it on the new host!

Duplicating the site to a testing server to test major updates or edits will mean that any issues will not affect the live site.

5: Malware Or Hacking Recovery

A secure site will be less likely to experience malware or hacking issues - however it is still possible to be affected! A recent backup will let you recover from such an issue with minimal downtime.

All Brand Savvy created and hosted sites are equiped with an automated backup solution - we back up the full site on a regular basis, and if required, especially on an ecommerce or regularly updated blogging site, the database can be backed up every hour. In addition, whenever we do any major work on the site for you, we will always perform a full backup before we start. All backups are stored off-site for added security.