Probably The Best Business Decision We Ever Made

It’s not just a telephone, it’s a marketing tool, it’s a sales funnel and missing a call may be a huge mistake. So, whilst we were not always able to be in our business, we made sure we were always available to do business.

Typically, our business is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We are trying to offer a different approach to for our staff, if it’s a nice day go home a bit earlier and enjoy the sunshine, as long as you do the hours and work we pay you for, I am offering the flexibility to do it when you want to.

So here is a real-life scenario that happened to me recently. Saturday afternoon I was in my garden pulling out a few weeds, generally mulling around enjoying the pleasant weather and admiring the stripes in the grass (it’s a standard joke in my house, “Look at Dad admiring his stripes again”). The phone rings, but they have not phoned my mobile they have phoned the business phone number. It's a new customer and they are making an enquiry which ultimately led them to placing a significant order, I may not be in my business, but I do not want to lose that business.

If I hadn’t been available to answer that call, what would have happened? Would the customer call back at another time in the week? Would they have approached a competitor and taken their custom elsewhere? I may never have known that such a great sale was coming my way.

During the recent lock down, we accepted that there wasn’t going to be any sales as no one was doing business and so no one would want to buy from us. I admit that it was a mistake, but when we recognised that, we had to do something about it.

So here is what we did. We implemented a new telephone solution. Having worked in the IT and Telephony industry for 20 years we are in a fortunate position to have the experience to apply and develop the technology. I cancelled my existing phone and broadband solution which was expensive in comparison. We became an accredited 3CX partner and Gradwell Communications partner, installed our own Broadband through our new partners and implemented SiP trunks. we stood up an instance in OVH cloud provider and built a 3CX cloud PBX.

That sounds complicated. Well actually it took me about an hour after the new Broadband had been installed, to set my staff up and all of them have the 3CX app on their phone even though they were at home took about 15 minutes. We set up call routes and voice menus to allow our customers to choose who they wanted to speak to, my daughter is the actress, she has done TV adverts and lots of stage work, so we let her do the voice menus even though she was living elsewhere, we just directed it to her.

How did this change our business? Well suddenly the phone started to ring, it had been ringing all along throughout lock down, but no one had been there to answer it. How much money did that cost us? How much business did we lose? I will never truly know, but suddenly the phone started to ring and we were able to deal with customers, we were all at home, staying safe. But in cutting my existing telephony and broadband costs, implementing a new cloud telephony solution, we did business without the need to be in the business. It also led to a decision to reduce our office space requirements, recognising that actually I can still be at home for my children and work just as well.

It made a huge difference. As others were coming out of lock down, Brand Savvy was on the front foot and to illustrate that, July was our best ever month beating our previous best ever month over two years ago by a staggering 30%. In doing that we beat our weekly sales record twice. The phone was ringing, whilst I had staff in the producing our products, I had staff at home because they were still home schooling. But every call was being answered if not by staff in the business, by staff at home. Sales were going through the roof.

As a marketing tool, every time someone calls the shop they are greeted by a couple of questions to help them get to the right person, but every time they call they learn about who we are and what we offer without us telling them, so they are aware that even though they may not want it now, at the back of their mind for the time they do need it or are in a conversation with others and someone else has a requirement.

This may have been the best business decision we have made. It allows us flexibility to be with our friends and family and recognise that we can still help support our customers. Call us and we can help you change the way you view your telephone.

Our sister company Comms Savvy is offering a months free trial with no commitments. If you fancy trying this to see how it can change your business, complete the form from the link below.