Support Your Club In Lockdown

Our much-loved clubs stand to lose a substantial income this year due to the Coronavirus lockdown with loss of money from memberships, sponsorships, bar and events revenue. No one is entirely sure when we will see these up and running again, yet the bills keep coming in.

Here at Brand Savvy we are offering a way of earning funds for your club with the launch our supporters clothing.


£6 Per Shirt Donated
To Your Club!


Up to £8 Per Hoody
Donated To Your Club!

Full Details:

Is your club in Lockdown? Would you like to raise some much-needed funds for your clubs or groups?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your Garment
  2. Pick Your Size
  3. Pick your Colour
  4. Pick the Design you want printing
  5. Add what you would rather be doing in the text field
  6. Add the club or group you are supporting
  7. Purchase your garment and choose delivery or safe collection
  8. Your club will receive a donation for every garment sold!

T shirts

Junior £12 Donation - £6

Adult £15 Donation - £6


Junior £20 Donation - £7

Adult £25 Donation - £8

Range of colours and designs are available all personised to your club.

At the end of each month we will tally up the purchases per club and transfer the donation to the club or group.*

Get in touch if you would like to know more!

* The club or group must be formally registered, a treasurer formally appointed through an AGM. Any groups or clubs where purchases have been made and are not a formal organisation, the donation will not be sent and the purchaser waives their rights for a refund.

  • Support Your Club Hoody

    £21.00 +
    Select options
  • Support Your Club T-Shirt

    £12.75 +
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